Baby it’s a big momma thang.

Baby it’s a big momma thang.

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Some are friends from work while others are merely just coworkers.

There’s a difference.

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HolePic by Willam Belli

Offiicial Music Video

When did Nicki put on that much weight?

Love it.

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i lick the sack, not the crack.

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You know what I don’t understand? Why do we have the insult “son of a bitch”? It’s like, “You sir, you have offended me tremendously, but I will not insult you, I will insult your mother instead!”

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all i want is attention but only from certain people

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if you tell yourself that you need someone to be a little taller, a little skinnier, a little more manly, a little more feminine, a little more anything in order to justify a way that you can love them. you don’t love them, and you never will. Its okay to want people that meet standards that you’ve set but for the love of Reptar don’t waste their time making them think that if they changed you would love them or want to be together with them. fuck

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Um..oh. ;)

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